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Your quick reference guide to the weather on the beautiful Costa Blanca

Sunbathing on the Costa BlancaThe Costa Blanca is renowned for its healthy climate, it is not unusual to experience temperatures of 25ºC in January! On the other hand, we have known the temperatures to drop as low as -6ºC. The lesson, of course, is to check in advance if the weather is an important factor of your planned day or week ahead.

Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland and these mountain ranges can create vast differences in temperature and conditions from one valley to the next. For example the Bernia mountain range north of Benidorm can result in temperatures perhaps as much as 5ºC cooler for the towns to the north of the range. With a sunny day in Benidorm but pouring rain in Orba, for example.

The summer months, regardless of what the travel agents tell you, can be unbearably hot, with temperatures getting as high as 40ºC - so beware if you are heat sensitive.

At the other end of the scale, the Gota Frias - literally translated as Cold Drop, bring torrential rain and flooding to many areas of the Costa Blanca. The coastal towns, being at the mouths of the bursting rivers as well as in the front line of high tides and huge waves, get hit the worst. Fortunately this happens only a couple of times a year and the authorities seem to swing into action pretty quickly and within a few days, you wouldn't really know anything had happened.

Here is an average temperature guide with the blue area showing sea temperatures and the red band atmospheric.

Air and sea temperatures on the Costa Blanca

The current temperature in Alicante is:
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