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A foreigner's perspective on the Costa Blanca

Flamingos in Calpe

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We are a group of ex-pats living permanently on the Costa Blanca now for a number of years. We all speak fluent Spanish (some better than others!) and feel we have enough experience of the way of life here to be able to assist others to find their way around the often confusing Spanish legal and business systems.

The idea of setting up a web site such as this came about because we realised that there are so many people needing assistance day to day in matters large and small because they didn't have a sufficient command of the language or understanding of the way of life in a foreign country. Many times I have helped out a distraught foreigner in the bank or at the town hall to translate important conversations, or pointed someone in the direction of an english speaking plumber. It struck me that we could help each other by learning from each others experiences but that there was no central reference point - hence this web site.

So many of us either own, or have access to a computer connected to the internet. The information available is more up-to-date, and you have the ability to reach assistance much quicker than from printed reference. Our team of regular feature writers are highly experienced in their fields and can be an invaluable help in managing your affairs. Additionally, you have the assurance that they are un-biased and therefore able to offer a balanced point-of-view.

Purchasing property in a foreign country can be a minefield of potential disasters, competent and experienced legal advice must be sought at every stage. It can be extremely risky to accept a 'recommendation' of legal representation from someone personally involved in your particular transaction - GET INDEPENDANT ADVICE. In our finance section, we have lists of lawyers and advisors that speak english - you choose one for yourself.

Similarly, do not suppose that having work done on your existing property here is as easy (!) as it is in the UK. Spain can be quite unusual, to say the least, in its bureaucratic twists. GET PROPER ADVICE BEFORE YOU START, AND CHECK IT AGAIN AND AGAIN BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER.

We have all moved here because we want an easier way of life, and it can be just that as long as you realise that things are done differently here, and you simply need to adjust.

Hopefully, together we can help in making your life a little simpler.

We are here to help. So if you have any questions, or wish to see some topic covered that isn't already listed - let us know.

Alternatively, if you have a particular story that you want to share with others, or if you are a member of a social club or group and you would like to be listed - free of charge, send us an e-mail.

We are based in Jalon, in the heart of the northern Costa Blanca, and can be contacted at
C/ Iglesia, 11-1
Jalon 03727

or by telephone on +34 902 888 054

or better still, send us an e-mail -

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