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Your guide to staff recruitment, training and management skills on the Costa Blanca

Business trainer in SpainEvery month, Tracy Murley will be providing some good advice to those who want to succeed in business especially in the subjects of Sales and Management.

Tracy has been in the sales industry for 20 years and in management for 14 years. She has worked as a Practice Manager within the medical profession and also in the Pharmaceutical Industry. She has been working in the UK for a world famous soft toy company as Sales and Training Manager and three years ago was given the responsibility to come to Spain and set up the business here.

Over the next few months, she will be sharing her experiences with you by discussing subjects as Recruiting, Interviewing, Training, Communications, Strategy, Appraisals, Disciplining and Self-Development.


I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and skills with you. I have to say I have always enjoyed working in Sales and Managing a team whether it be 3 or 50 people.

The reason I find sales so much fun is that people like to buy but they don't like to be sold to! Therefore to be able to sell to someone and make it an enjoyable worthwhile experience for both parties is very rewarding.

On one occasion during a sales training course somebody thought I was so good that they said "I could sell snow to the Eskimo" they obviously thought they were paying me a compliment, however anyone who can sell any item or service to someone who does not have a need is a 'con man'. Definitely not a compliment!

Sales are about filling a need. If you have the right product or service that another person or company needs then go sell, sell hard, and get the deal. If you don't someone else will.

Managing people and a team is an art and it isn't as hard as it may seem. I once learned that 'people who feel good about themselves produce good work'. I have always found this to be true. As a manager it is important to let your staff know and show praise for good work. We all like to be appreciated and acknowledged. If any piece of work is substandard then tell that member of staff immediately. If they have been praised for good work then they are usually prepared to accept a manager's comments when things are not so good.

As a manager it's good to have a good mixture around you and within each team. Never be intimidated by someone who is older or may seem more experienced. Don't always imagine these types are after your job!! Enjoy and put to good use their experiences and skills. Be prepared to keep on learning, you will enjoy your role and others will enjoy working with you.

We will begin next month with a look at Recruiting. How do you portray your company in the first stage of recruitment - the advertisement?

Tracy Murley
Sales Manager - Spain
International Training Manager

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